Patient Stories

Margaret M, a hearing patient of ZN Audiology NYC


“Very thorough and friendly”

When Margaret became concerned about her hearing ability, she didn’t delay seeking help. She says, “I suspected I had a hearing loss and went to have my hearing checked. I was very upset and felt that I was getting old.”

At her appointment with ZN Audiology, Margaret found lots of support. She says her comprehensive hearing assessment was “very thorough” and her favorite part was meeting with “the doctor,” who she found to be “very thorough and friendly and very caring and concerned with my comfort and understanding.”

Margaret describes her experience with her new hearing aids as “extremely positive.” Rating ZN Audiology a 10/10, she encourages others, “Definitely go. There is nothing negative about hearing better.”


Margaret M.

Daniel C, a hearing patient of ZN Audiology NYC


“Great overall experience”

Daniel was concerned about his hearing loss, worried that it could be something more ominous. He recalls, “Five years ago, I had difficulty hearing the TV. Had to raise the volume and people had to repeat themselves. I realized I had to get help. I had concern that it was a tumor and not the hearing loss.”

Hoping to find answers and reassurance, Daniel made an appointment with ZN Audiology. “The doctor was very thorough, and it was a great overall experience,” he says. Following his comprehensive hearing assessment, Daniel learned his challenges were strictly due to hearing loss and he was prescribed hearing aids.

Pleased with his devices, Daniel says, “I can hear again. It’s been great!” He notes his hearing aids make a “big difference” to his daily life but admits, “It takes time to get adjusted to those though.”

Daniel rates ZN Audiology a 10/10, adding that it feels “comfortable” and “very personable” when he visits the office. “I wish regular doctors were like her,” he shares.
To anyone contemplating an appointment, Daniel says, “Definitely go! As a matter of fact, I tell anyone to come here who has a problem hearing.”


Daniel J. Conlisk

Dr. Zarina Naizam's Thank You Note and Gift from a Patient of ZN Audiology


We Are So Thankful To Have Met You

Dr. Naizam was touched to receive such a heartfelt note and a beautiful gift from Tzipora’s family.

“It is such a joy to work with incredible people like Tzipora each and every day.”


Dr. Naizam


“They really care about their patients.”

Gloria visited ZN Audiology to hopefully put her worries to rest. She explains, “I was worried about my hearing because I was diagnosed with tinnitus. After ZN Audiology confirmed that everything was fine with my hearing, I recovered my peace of mind.”

A comprehensive hearing assessment, consisting of several in-depth hearing tests, did not show any signs of hearing loss, much to Gloria’s relief. “Thanks to God my hearing is fine,” she says.

“I was worried that tinnitus can affect my hearing,” Gloria adds. “I am grateful for their professional and caring service.” She says she was impressed with the “very positive, friendly, polite, and caring team, including everyone during my visit.” Gloria stresses that they are “caring professionals.”

Rating ZN Audiology a 10/10, Gloria hopes others will visit them with any hearing concerns. “I would advise them to go to ZN Audiology because this is the right place. They really care about their patients.”


Gloria Arroyave


“Friendly and down to earth”

Nancy was struggling to keep up with conversations, and this was having a negative effect on her daily life. She recalls, “I was missing out on conversations. It was concerning to my friends and family. I just wanted to hear better and have a better quality of life.”

During her appointment at ZN Audiology, Nancy was impressed with the “very compassionate” team, saying they “took their time walking through the evaluation process.”

Nancy was prescribed hearing aids, and she is thrilled with the results. She says, “I have definitely seen an improvement in quality of hearing and life in general.”

Rating ZN Audiology a 10/10, she says to prospective patients, “It’s definitely worth contacting them! They are very friendly and down to earth regarding their relationships with their patients.”


Nancy Andrews


“You have worked magic!”

Nothing warms our hearts more at ZN Audiology than the kind and thoughtful words of our delighted patients.

Saroj recently made Zarina’s day when they took a moment out from their travels to say thank you for their hearing care.

Saroj said, “My dear Dr. Zarina, we just arrived in Dubai today. I will keep you closely posted. You have worked magic! I can’t thank you enough. With love and gratitude to you and blessings to you and your loved ones always.”

It is wonderful to hear that Saroj is thoroughly enjoying life with their improved hearing. Have an amazing time in Dubai and thank you for entrusting us on your journey to better hearing!


Saroj P.

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