This holiday, let's rally together to bring the gift of hearing to someone special in our community.

“Hear for the Holidays” 2023—ZN Audiology Campaigns for Compassion in the Community.

by | Nov 16, 2023 | Hear For The Holidays, Patient Resources

As leaves change color and we welcome the crisp air of winter, the spirit of giving and gratitude fills the atmosphere. At ZN Audiology, this season is especially meaningful as we launch our heartfelt “Hear for the Holidays” 2023 giveaway.

It’s a time when we step beyond our clinic walls and reach into the heart of our community, driven by a mission that echoes through every interaction—giving the gift of hearing.

Why “Hear for the Holidays”?

In the cozy gatherings and laughter that hallmark the holiday season, it’s easy to overlook the silent struggle of hearing loss that affects one in eight people. Among the faces around your festive table, there could be someone who is straining to catch a word, missing the warmth of a family anecdote or the tender notes of a holiday melody.

ZN Audiology was founded on a community-centric ethos, where hearing wellness is integral to overall happiness. Hear for the Holidays is more than just a giveaway; it’s our way of knitting the community closer, ensuring that every member can share in the joyous moments that make the holiday season so magical.

The Hear for the Holidays giveaway is our tribute to the unsung heroes among us—those who selflessly put others first, those who may be daunted by the investment in hearing aids, or those who simply hope for a stroke of good fortune. We believe everyone deserves the chance to experience life’s symphonies in full, rich sound.

Nominate Someone Special

Now comes the part where you can play Santa. If you know someone who embodies the spirit of giving, whose days are dedicated to enriching others’ lives despite missing out on the crystal-clear tunes of life due to hearing loss, it’s your turn to give back.

Head to the nomination form on our website and pour your heart out. Tell us why this person deserves not just to hear, but to be heard. Your detailed stories and anecdotes are imperative, they help us understand the profound difference a pair of premium prescription hearing aids could make.

The Process.

The nomination window is open until November 30, 2023, giving you ample time to craft a nomination that’s as impactful as your candidate’s presence in your life. After the nominations close, we’ll take the time to review each story of strength, perseverance, and community spirit.

The deserving winner will be selected and announced soon after, with an invitation to ZN Audiology for a comprehensive hearing assessment and fitting for their new hearing aids.

Imagine the sparkle in their eyes and the joy in their hearts as they’re fitted with the tools to unlock a world of sound—just in time for the holiday season. It’s about making memories that won’t be muted, ensuring that every joke, every story, and every sound is heard and cherished.

A Call to Action

So, we urge you to step forward and nominate that deserving person in your life. It’s more than a gift; it’s a life-changer. This holiday, let’s rally together to bring the gift of hearing to someone special in our community.

With a legacy rooted in empathy and expertise, ZN Audiology is excited to hear your nominations and even more excited to deliver joy and clarity this holiday season.

Wishing you a season filled with warmth, connection, and the magic of hearing every moment.

Good luck, and let’s embrace the holidays with hearts and ears wide open.

Make a difference this holiday season

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Zarina Naizam, AuD, CCC-A

Zarina Naizam, AuD, CCC-A, is a licensed clinical audiologist practicing in New York State. With a Bachelor of Science Degree in pre-med from Long Island University and a Clinical Doctorate in Audiology from Salus University, Dr. Naizam specializes in adult and pediatric hearing testing, as well as the fitting, programming, and repairing of all makes and models of hearing aids. She holds a Certificate of Clinical Competence in Audiology from the American Speech-Language and Hearing Association and is a Fellow of the Academy of Doctors of Audiology. Driven by personal experience, witnessing the impact of hearing impairment on her mother's life, Dr. Naizam became inspired to improve the lives of others through better hearing. Her passion lies in helping patients restore their ability to connect with their loved ones, recognizing the emotional impact of hearing loss on individuals and their families. To stay up-to-date with advancements in technology, she regularly attends seminars and workshops.