Giving Back: Supporting Local Cancer Survivors With Hearing Loss

As a cancer survivor, I have personally encountered the numerous side effects of chemotherapy.

Fortunately, my own experience did not involve hearing loss. However, for many individuals, hearing loss is a prevalent side effect of treatment, with certain chemotherapy drugs causing irreversible damage to the hearing nerves.

Throughout my journey, I connected with others undergoing similar treatments, and it was disheartening to hear many of them share their experiences of sudden hearing impairment shortly after beginning therapy.

Dr. Zarina Naizam, AuD, CCC-A of ZN Audiology

As a professional dedicated to enhancing people’s lives through improved hearing, it pained me to see those around me grappling with numerous challenges, including coming to terms with the impact of their treatment on their hearing.

My heart urged me to take action, and I am thrilled to announce that ZN Audiology has established a charity to support cancer survivors with hearing loss by providing complimentary hearing aids and treatment.

This charity enables us to support local individuals who have bravely battled cancer and, in addition to the emotional scars, now face life with hearing loss.

Here’s how it works


When ZN Audiology patients choose to upgrade their hearing technology, we are now offering a buy-back value on their existing devices (dependant on level of technology, age of device and condition)


These hearing aids are then professionally refurbished, necessary parts are replaced and are being returned to as close to factory condition as possible


Through our partnerships with local Oncologists, we’re being introduced to local cancer survivors that are experiencing hearing challenges, and offering them complimentary hearing evaluations


In a situation where they seek help and treatment, they’re being fitted with the refurbished donated hearing aids and receiving the highest levels of audiological care

This approach means that our existing patients are able to support this amazing charity, and their old devices are being given a new lease of life and changing the lives of deserving local cancer survivors.

Receive a Valuation on Your Devices

You play a key role in allowing us to help as many local cancer survivors as possible.

With donated and refurbished hearing devices being critical to our mission, we are offering an elevated trade-in credit on your existing, or any old devices that you may have.

If you would like to help by either donating old unused devices, or receive a generous trade-in credit on your existing devices to help you to step into new technology, then simply complete this form.

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